Unimpeded, unstructured

Each night, with the passing time,
a thought pops in my ever exploring mind,
asking questions, unanswered since years now,
to remain so, for years to come by;
For everything is silent,
just like the night,
peaceful, like the calm waters of the Arabian,
unexplained, like the myths,
and like the forest routes:
unmapped, unmarked.

As the clock ticks twelve,
starts a new day,
filling in hope for some,
terrorising another section;
For a beggar has another day to fight,
a lover another day to cherish,
a theist another day to pray,
a student another day to learn;
for its a new beginning,
unseen, untold.

Lost in my thoughts,
the questions keep coming back,
unanswered, like before;
the meaning of life,
the reason behind love,
the answer to a long lost dream,
arguments against injustice,
reasons behind fate and destiny;
For these two words are said to answer everything,
but themselves remain
unknown, unexplained.

The emptiness of these answers,
paves way for memories,
harsh, sweet, bitter sweet,
for life is a combination of all;
The care of a family member,
love of a special one,
loss of a loved one;
including the unreal imaginations
that one wishes were true
unaltered, unquestioned.

With the break of dawn,
the early workers buzz,
the shining stars fade away,
and the moon gives up at the end
to the lambent sun;
For the powerful rises,
the weaker sections demolished,
undermined, unheard.

Yet another night passes by,
with the world rising, awakening,
to the call of success, change;
And now its a new day,
for it starts with a meaning
and ends with a reason,
increasing the ever in-demand hope,
hope for a better living, hope for love,
reason to wait, a reason to live,
while the questions still remain
unsolved, unanswered.

Originally published at https://themarwaridimag.blogspot.com on January 29, 2020.



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Rishabh Chaudhary

Marwari. Computer Science Graduate. Amateur painter & writer. Trying to achieve reading goals. Finance & cycling enthusiast.