Is Spring far?

In this world of selfishness,
Alone shall thou remain;
Together will stay only those,
Ones who have suffered thy pain;
For the ocean is large,
But obsolete is its expanse;
The tiny drops’ status is hidden,
Until all disappear at once!

It showered heavy that evening,
When the heaven took his hero back;
Thunder, lightning all around,
For his welcome had all in the pack!
The loss was of the triad,
For the wreck was not foreseen;
Alone they were left now,
To fight away the trouble, clean!

The sun has shone hard ever since,
Spring has been saved for the riches;
Thunderstorms have uprooted the calm,
Alike behave the saints and witches!
A past deed must have been answered,
Clearing thy history of acts;
Reality had struck the clan of three,
Selfishness was on all other pacts!

The dry winds made a mark,
Blowing away the surface dust;
The gleam lays withered though,
For the injury was beneath the crust!
Few became walking sticks,
Only to fall apart in a mile;
The Sahara is no fairy desert,
Survival is tough sans the mighty Nile!

Time had since ceased to exist,
For never was there a progress;
Hopes shattered like broken glass,
Thousands to count, yet worthless!
Endurance has yet been a task,
Challenging is each dawn;
Heat will make way for Spring someday,
Roses will then fill the lawn;
Roses will then fill the lawn.

Originally published at on May 13, 2020.



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Rishabh Chaudhary

Marwari. Computer Science Graduate. Amateur painter & writer. Trying to achieve reading goals. Finance & cycling enthusiast.