There is not a single day
when I don’t try to hurt you.

I take a knife,
try to pierce through you,
but never do you utter
a single noise
apart from wincing-
that too only rarely.

you do make me cry
with your

There isn’t a single time
when I try to cut you
and you don’t make me weep.

I try my best-
either by not looking at you
or by breathing deep
with my tongue hardly pressed
on the roof of my mouth-
yet I am always left
with tears in my eyes.

I wish cutting onions was easy !

2020 was a year that all of us would remember very clearly for the rest of our lives. It was a year that would be etched in the history of mankind for the enormous amount of changes, hardships and adaptations one had to go through. More surprisingly, barely anyone saw…


a year that many were looking forward to as a milestone for it was the beginning of a new decade;

a year that took us two decades back when mornings used to be about watching Mahabharata and Ramayana on Doordarshan;

a year which made us further realise how humans…

Each night, with the passing time,
a thought pops in my ever exploring mind,
asking questions, unanswered since years now,
to remain so, for years to come by;
For everything is silent,
just like the night,
peaceful, like the calm waters of the Arabian,
unexplained, like the myths,
and like the forest routes:
unmapped, unmarked…

It was in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up. It was pitch dark and for a few seconds I couldn’t see anything. I turned a bit and found my blanket loosely hanging down because of lack of space. After turning a bit more, a light started…

Hello fellas ! It has been almost two months since I last wrote. A gap full of unprecedented changes- changes that have been good and forward looking and changes that helped me take a step back and reanalyse my lifestyle. …

During tense days or lonely nights, there are questions that go through our minds. Questions that may or may not have answers but ones that keep coming our way every now and then. Questions varying from ones that are debatable and could lead to outrage to questions that could lead…

Ever since Sushanth Singh Rajput’s demise, news and social media have remained flooded with articles and debates on nepotism. The sudden death of an actor — so young and talented — has brought a storm in the industry amidst a pandemic that the entire world is already suffering from. The…

Amidst the storm I stood
the trees bustling around,
with the heavy wind blowing
a thought popped, unbound;
Lost it would have been
for the force wasn’t low,
had I not been a victim,
I too, would have let it go.

With the thunder lightning above
I let the thought flow,

A few days ago, on the fifteenth of August, world’s largest democracy celebrated its 74th Independence Day. Every year, the day is marked by the hoisting of the tricolour at the historical Lal Qila at Delhi by the Prime Minister of India. The suit is followed by other government offices…

Rishabh Chaudhary

Marwari. Computer Science Graduate. Amateur painter & writer. Trying to achieve reading goals. Finance & cycling enthusiast.

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