There is not a single day
when I don’t try to hurt you.

I take a knife,
try to pierce through you,
but never do you utter
a single noise
apart from wincing-
that too only rarely.

you do make me cry
with your

There isn’t a single time
when I try to cut you
and you don’t make me weep.

I try my best-
either by not looking at you
or by breathing deep
with my tongue hardly pressed
on the roof of my mouth-
yet I am always left
with tears in my eyes.

I wish cutting onions was easy !



Amidst the storm I stood
the trees bustling around,
with the heavy wind blowing
a thought popped, unbound;
Lost it would have been
for the force wasn’t low,
had I not been a victim,
I too, would have let it go.

With the thunder lightning above
I let the thought flow,



Rishabh Chaudhary

Marwari. Computer Science Graduate. Amateur painter & writer. Trying to achieve reading goals. Finance & cycling enthusiast.